Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Awkward Hospital Lobbiies

You know, for all that hospital lobbies are very safe and meant to be gateways to good health and treatment, there are times when I feel incredibly stressed beinig there. I guess it's because for the most part, hospitals are about ascute issues. Sugery, worsening illnesses, emergency care, heck, even childbirth as this is technichally a Woman's Hospital, all are more about getting attention to the patient and the issue and tryinig to figure out what to do.
That doesn't work for me. I know exactly what my concerns are, and there's not much in a hospital for me. I was practically blackballed from ERs back when I was a teenager and still trying to figure out how to deal with the incredible pain spikes from my migraines.
I was on a migraine ward for treatment for four weeks when I was 16. That was a time that left me with several peronal issues I still fight. The one that fits this was actually out of no fault of my own. I used to pass out randomly up to 10x/day. We had no idea why, and didn't figure out how to treat the syncope until years after my stay on the ward.
I was a minor when I went, which meant that my mom was with me for most everything as my adult adovcate. Also, because I was 16 and the ward was technichally for adults only. One evening, as Mom and I were going back to the ward from the dining halll, when I ended up on the floor. I never actually lost consciousness for very long, just long enough to fall, but still, it did end up quite dramatic usually to outsiders. Mom knew there was nothing to do until I had myself back together enough to be ablee to stand up on my own. Otherwise, I'd just drop back down. So she did as she always did, and made sure I was in a fairly safe location and that nobody would run into me.
Well, a few doctors from a different part of the hospital saw me on the floor and ended up completely raising hell. They forced me (conpletely against Mom's wishes) into a wheelchair and took me back to the migraine ward as quickly as possible. This meant that I hadn't recovered yet, so was incredibly unstable while being moved. Also, when I finally did end up back at the ward, Mom and I were thoroughly balled out by the nurses there for being in a wheelchair. They were sayinig that I had created a big fuss over nothing and needed to have made it back myself. Apaprently the fact that I'd tried to fell on deaf ears.

Anyway, that was close to 13 years ago now, bbut again, I'm getting into situations where I end up in the floor as the safest place. It's the vertigo this time, but still...a chronic condition I have no diagnosis for, and no effective treatment.
Just now I've been fighting another attack of the stuff, and while I took the meds that I've been given, I still find being horozontal the safest. Also, the Rx makes me incredibly sedated. But I knew that even just rather slumping in oine of the chairs in the lobby and dozing would alarm the staff, making them think I was unresponsive (I would be slightly) and set them off into Emergency Mode.
That's not something I wanted to have to deal with. I prefer to be invisible, since my disiblities are. It's easiest.

I've managed to keep myself going by typing this up in the cafeteria after buying myelf a second breakfast and coffee. Now it's time to go to my second apppointment before heading home where I can finally be flat.
Survial techniques, no?

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