Friday, December 9, 2016

10 Minutes in

I have 10 minutes until I need to go and check in for a doc appointment. My bus got me here almost exactly an hour early, so I've been trying to burn time in the meanwhile. Mostly I've been playing a facebook game that my best friend and I really are into together, but then I realized that I had a vey good set amount of time for me to tr and do some writing. I havev been writing almost nothing at all, eitheer in terms of entries in places like this, or even just in my own journal. It's very frustrating, and does have a reason; my linear thought processes have become incredibly disjointed and hard to actually even really qualify as having for about a year now.

I started getting what seem like aphasic episodes where I llose the ability to find words, understand what is being said, or just can't follow the thought that I was halfway through. It's not absence siezures, we've checked, so riight now I have a huge ? as my reason for this happpening. It's incredibly abrupt, and frankly, incredibly scary as a huge part of what my personal identity has always been has been revolving around how verbal I am. To lose that all of a suddenn is frankly crushing. And, of course, as with all things, since I stopped writing as muchh because I couldn't keep the thoughts coming, I have become more and more rusty, I'm sure. Use it or lose it.
I don't want to lose it.
As such, I've decided that at times like this, when I do just have a set little bit of time, no more than 10 minutes or so for now at the beginning, I'm going to write. I don't care if it ends up being stream of consciousness, blather, or the Next Great American Novel. If it's writing, it counts.

I'm actually very pleased that I've been able to write this much in my allmost-over-now 10 minutes. I wasn't counting on it, but was determined to do what I could.


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