Thursday, June 20, 2013

Star Trek: Generations (Day 20)

What role do Migraine/Headache Disorders play in your family history? Do others live with it? Does this make a difference in how you talk about it?

   My family is laced with migraines, but nobody has the same kind as I. My grandfather had the migraine with aura, which is similar to what I had as a kid, but his were the kind that went away after an hour's nap. He could also throw up and feel better that way, which is something I never do. He also out grew his.
   My mom, it turns out, has had both episodic abdominal migraines as well as Alice in Wonderland Syndrome, especially as a child. Now, if she's really quite stressed, she might get a visual migraine. But she never gets the head pain.
   Nobody else has chronic migraine, though.

   I don't think that my mom's having some personal migraine experiences has made that much of a difference in how we talk about my migraines. Instead, we use the frame of reference that has been built with my experiences, and her watching me closely. After all, her experiences were nothing like mine, and thus it wouldn't make sense to compare apples to kumquats.

Quantum in me fuit,

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