Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sophie's Choice: (Day 13)

What are the toughest treatment choices you face when balancing Migraine/Headache Disorders with other health conditions?

   I honestly can't think of such a time, and that's slightly embarrassing.  The only thing I ca think of that might count is something they took me off for safety reasons. But that was an individual problem.

   I do have to be careful when I get manic and start moving furniture, either in the den or my bedroom, that I don't overexert myself and cause a migraine spike from that. But sometimes, even if I don't start moving furniture but instead control the mania of my biploar in another way, I can burn out and go down, into a migraine.

   I've had to learn to, when manic, take a step back and analytically review my desires and actions and see if they are something that I would usually do, or if they're something that normally I would find odd or out of place. The problem with my mania is even if I don't do the physical exertion, my mental exertion can be extreme and cause me to burn out and default into a migraine.

   On the other hand, the two or three PRN prescriptions I have to help with the mania all can knock me out enough that I can just go to sleep, which, while wonderful for controlling my activity, it can also "freeze" me in a shut down mode, and then I have a very hard time getting out and not falling into a depressive based mindset, in which I usually default, once again, to a migraine.

   So, I suppose that controlling my bi-polar as needed for attacks is very hard and the options need to be weighed. It's almost as bad as already being in excruciating pain and not being sure if I can take a painkiller.

Quantum in me fuit,

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