Monday, June 10, 2013

Ocean's Eleven: (Day 10)

Who's part of your Migraine/Headache Disorders care team? What essential rolls still need to be filled?

I've got quite the team already fleshed out as I've been building onto it for years. As of right now I have, filtered for migraine related issues only:

Neurologist: Dr B
Psychologist: Dr G
Cardiologist: Dr N
Orthodontist: Dr H
Jaw Specialist: Dr S
Surgeon: Dr J
S.E. Therapist: B.J.H.
Massage Therapist: C.C.
as well as
Cheerleader/s: Mom, my sister, G.M., A.A., all my online friends, various other family, and the above doctors and therapists.

Basically the only roll, and I'm not sure how essential it is, or if it falls under the category of Cheerleaders, is a Boyfriend. But I'm perfectly content with or without one, it doesn't seem to make too terribly much of a difference, at this stage in my life at any rate, so I'm content to go where the winds take me. The right candidate will appear if/when appropriate.

Quantum in me fuit,

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