Monday, June 17, 2013

Mission Impossible (Day 17)

   "Your mission, Reader, should you choose to accept it, is to spend no more than 32 "spoons" in one, 24 hour period, and accomplish as many of the outlined tasks, including all 5 bold tasks for a successful mission. 
   "As ever, remember that a "spoon" is simply a unit of energy that it takes to complete a task.  Each line of the list of tasks below will use one spoon today. On other days it might either take more than one spoon per line, or you might be able to do an entire task with only one spoon.  
   "If you use more than 32 spoons your mission will abort and your only chance for survival is to go to bed. Although some days it is possible to "borrow" spoons from the next day, there are two problems with that. One is that you run the risk of crashing mid-task and losing all escape-to-bed options, but rather wind up in the ER. The other is that we might have another, more difficult mission for you in the immediate future, and you would be at a disadvantage by having even fewer spoons than you originally would have been allotted for that day. 
   "Today you are a level 6 migraine, on the usual pain scale of 1 - 10. This is a "good" day for you, where you might be able to accomplish some of the basic tasks outlined below. 
    "This message will self-destruct, but we hope you will not."

List of Ten Tasks to be Done
It is expected the average American sleep time of 8 hours a night, and you do not spend spoons in your sleep today. Accomplish the outlined tasks, including all 5 Bold tasks for a successful mission.

1. Wake
    A. Get out of bed
         i. Make bed
    B. Get dressed
    C. Take pills
         i. Have one get stuck halfway down
2. Decide what to eat
     A. Fix breakfast
     B. Eat breakfast
          i. Clean up
     D. Put 'milk' on the grocery list
3. Gather your things and list of 5 items
    A. Find your missing keys
      i. Lock the door
   B. Drive to the store
      i. Do your shopping
        a. Store items away
     ii. Drive home
         a. Put away items
4. Realize you didn't get milk
    A. Berate yourself for 5 minutes
5. Decide on lunch
    A. Fix lunch
    B. Eat lunch
         i. Clean up
6. Boot up computer
    A. Log onto email
7. Remember you have a 2 hour appointment
   A. Gather your things
   B. Drive to appointment
        i. First hour
   C. Run into a problem
       ii. Hit the hour and a half mark
       iii. Make it through all two hours
   D. Drive home
8. Decide on dinner
    A. Fix dinner
    B. Eat dinner
    C. Clean up
9. Family friend calls
    A. They've been doing poorly
        i. Lots of drama in their life
    B. Debate being honest about your life
        i. Stretch tiny things to sound positive
       ii. Feel guilty for misleading them
10. Go to bed late

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