Saturday, June 15, 2013

Harry Potter: (Day 15)

Write and name a spell for getting rid of a Migraine/Headache attack.

Ablstretzio; [A-bul-STRET-zee-O] with the wand waved in an ampersand sign, enables the witch or wizard casting the spell to make their pain an abstract fact. This allows the migraine/headache to be more easily examined objectively as a fact, rather than a sensation. The witch or wizard's own pain, which is usually shelved off to one side, can then be the center focus.

If the migraine/headache pain is not the center of attention, then it is perfectly possible for the minute discomfort to be maneuvered around and the witch or wizard's life can resume almost as exactly as it was prior to the attack.

Quantum in me fuit,

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