Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Die Hard: "Now I have a machine gun. Ho, ho, ho." (Day 18)

Devise a make-believe weapon to blast Migraine/Headache Disorders out of your life.

   I don't think that I want a weapon that would blast my migraines away. I mean, it sounds good and all for most people, in the abstract, but for me it sounds very wrong.

   First off, I wouldn't want a weapon, I'd want a device. A weapon is too violent for me to want to use on myself. I instantly started to equate it with SI, even though that obviously is exactly the opposite in this case. Weapons can be used to protect or defend, and I get that, but in this case, the weapon would be an aggressor, and I don't want anything like that associated with my head.
   Secondly, I wouldn't want to blast my migraines away. Violence is a trigger for me, not only psychologically, but it will also manifest itself in a headache/migraine. So to use a for of obliteration that is very violent and triggering to get rid of my migraines seems rather counter productive, perhaps?

    So what would I like in the form of a device to gently get rid of the migraines? I think I'd like some kind of special cloth-like device, which I could use to wipe my brow, or the back of my head, and have it absorb and wick away the pain. Then the device could somehow take that painful feeling and use it as energy to absorb even more pain the next time I used it.

Quantum in me fuit,

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