Sunday, May 19, 2013

re: Botox: the last post?

I just realized that I never posted the final chapter in the Botox Fiasco Saga:

A month after my second round of Botox injections, when I had the negative reaction, my injection sites were still burning like acid at a 8-9/10. I had figured out how to function with the pain, as it was a physical pain, rather than a migraine pain.

I have a much higher tolerance of physical pain than I can have with migraine pain, I discovered. It even showed in my language, as when asked about the injection pain, I'd say, "'s an 8/10." However, when I am asked about my migraine pain, I say, "I'm a 7/10," or whatever number. I apparently identify with/as the migraine pain more than any other kind of pain, even be it in my head.

But anyway, the injection pain was still very draining, and I was lucky enough to have a regularly scheduled neurologist appointment a month after the injections, so I had a chance to talk to my neuro while everything was still fresh. Dr B didn't really have anything new to suggest, as I'd already tried Prednisone, Benadryl, and oxycodone. None worked.

Then, near the end of the appointment, as Dr B was going over my most recent med chart that I'd brought in, he suddenly snapped to the fact that I wasn't on Gabapentin. Apparently, to no great surprise, he'd lost track of all the changes that I've made to my medicine regimen in 6 months, and had forgotten that I'd gone off that prescription. Dr B quickly whipped out his script pad and wrote me for a (compared to before) medium dose of Gabapentin.

Since I started taking that Rx, my injection pain is down to a very acceptable 6-7/10, just like my migraine is most days. They're separate pains, and I can still tell the difference, but I can function so much better, and I don't get drained as quickly. I'm very pleased.

So, I guess the only thing left to really say on the subject is that I've had Botox officially struck off my list of potential future treatments. This has been decided by not just Dr B, but myself, Dr G, and basically anybody who knew about my reaction.

Quantum in me fuit,