Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"You're Beautiful" - (Day 13)

Dear Gretchen,

I know that this is sometimes difficult to believe, but you're an awesome person. You're a strong person, and deserve recognition for it. Yes, the Migraine makes you physically weak sometimes, but your spirit is strong, and that's what really matters.

You've accomplished so much in your 24 years. You've written My Secret, and taken it from a free form rant to a book that's helping kids who are now in a situation similar to what you were. You've gotten thank you notes, and you know then that you've touched a life for the better. And isn't that what you've wanted to do all your life?

People trust you, both with secrets and for honest opinions. Never lying has its benefits, but you also know when to just stay quiet. You're a very loyal friend, as you know. Once a friend is made, you will go to the mattresses for them, even if it goes against common sentiment.

Migraines have made you a more sympathetic, non-judging person, who has the compassion to go to your limits to help others.

So pat yourself on the back; migraines have made you a better person,


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