Monday, June 11, 2012

"Say What!?" - (Day 11)

The most ridiculous thing ever said to me was said something so categorically stupid, and under bizarre enough circumstances, that I'm going to protect their identity.

"Dogberry" and I were at a free range dog park with their two dogs. There happened to be another lady there with her dog, and the other lady and I started chatting. After chatting about our respective dogs and general conversations, the lady asked (since I was obviously of that age) if I was going to school.

I told her freely that no, I wasn't. I was disabled with Migraine. Dogberry who had been on the edge of the conversation, suddenly stood up and left, leaving the lady to talk with me as I explained that I was (then) trying to publish My Secret, and all of the other stuff that I was doing to occupy my productive moments.

Shortly thereafter, Dogberry reappeared with both their dogs on leashes, and said it was time for us to leave. So I said goodbye to the lady, and left. We went back to Dogberry's house and each started to read our respective books in companionable silence. Then, out of the blue, Dogberry asked me if I was embarrassed at saying that I was disabled.


I just kinda stared at them for a moment and then finally dragged my jaw off the floor and answer, "No, why would I be?"

Well, it turns out that the reason that Dogberry abruptly left the conversation with the lady at the dog park was because they were embarrassed that I was disabled and not in school to the point that they had to leave the area. They didn't know that I had gone on to explain what I *was* doing.

To this day, I'm still gobstopped as to why I ought to be embarrassed because I'm disabled. It's not like I did anything to get them. My migraines are genetic, and, short of picking different grandparents, there's not much I could do to avoid them. I avoid my food triggers as best that I can, take my meds, and generally be a good patient as to taking care of myself. So what's there to be embarrassed about?

But apparently Dogberry, who's known me all my life, had plans for me different than what came about. And I feel sorry for them that they feel that  being disabled is something to be embarrassed over. 

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