Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"Let's Do The Monster Mash!" - (Day 12)

I've thought long and hard about what movie monster would represent my migraines, and I have a real handicap in that I don't watch a lot of monster movies. Whoops. I did however come up with and answer: the movie Frogs.

In Frogs, it's nature that is the "enemy" of the majority of characters. The innocent are spared, but all those who are guilty of not living well with nature come to a bad end. This is not dissimilar to my own story. It's nature, and my genes, that are acting against me, giving me Migraine. It crept up inconspicuously and then, the status mirgranous suddenly attacked, just like in the final  scene with Jason Crockett. It's just so overwhelming, when something that seems so innocuous, frogs, "headaches", whatever, suddenly rear turn against you.

Even the use of chemicals/pollution is mimicked in my life, as I now get rebound migraines from acetaminophen, aspirin, and ibuprofen because of how often I took them when I was a kid. I made my own fate then, just as Crockett sealed his with the pollution all around. 

I hear the croaks of my migraine frogs at all times, just like in the movie. Still, I hold out hope that I can get off the island.

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