Friday, June 8, 2012

"Let There Be Light" - (Day 8)

The sun is evil in that it is bright, and I'm photosensitive because of my status migranous. I actually have an anecdote about photosensitivity and how to cope.

When I first developed status migranous, I really didn't know how to cope. The sun was so painful. Heck, a dark room was too bright. I would wear sunglasses even after dark (much to my mom's distress) because the house lights were too bright. I had to use a sleep mask because the street lamp at the corner of our street distressed me. It was bad.

Finally, one day at my neurologist appointment, I was curled up in the fetal position on the examination table, and my neurologist said, "I'm seeing a lot of pain like behavior."

This got me mad. After a crying fit in the car while still in the parking lot, I reviewed what Dr. B had said, mostly the part about my not being allowed to wear sunglasses inside at all. This was because if my eyes acclimated to the level of darkness while wearing my sunglasses inside, then I had no way to protect myself from the even brighter outside. I was shooting myself in the foot.

Over the next couple of months, I realized that if we got the Reveal, blueish light bulbs, they didn't hurt my eyes as much as the Bright White light bulbs did. So after changing all the light bulbs in the house, Mom was finally allowed to have the lights on again, and I didn't wear my sunglasses inside.

So now we can have lights on, although I still prefer a more twilight kind of glare than full sun, but at least it no longer sends me into a huge spike of pain.

The moral: watch when you wear your sunglasses if you want to protect yourself in the long run.

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