Monday, June 4, 2012

June's Bustin' Out All Over! (Day 4)

The best tip I have for my fellow migraine sufferers on how to still enjoy summer despite their migraines is to plan their day well and pay attention to the weather forecast. Summer means that el nino is on its way, and that can mean drastic changes in the barometric pressure, sometimes several times in one day. This can wreck havoc with my migraines. So having an idea about whether or not it's going to storm means not only not going to the zoo in the rain, but saving yourself from having a migraine rain on your parade.

Heat is a huge trigger for me. That means that I tend to do outside things as early in the morning as possible. This usually means that I'm usually done with outdoors work (gardening and the like) by ~11am when it starts to get really warm. Staying hydrated is very important as well, as dehydration can cause headaches on its own. Gatorade or other sports drinks are good, but I've also learned recently that coconut water can be a great rehydrator with electrolytes, but then again, there's always good ol' fashioned... WATER.

Hats and sunglasses are even more important in the summer, although I always wear sunglasses outside, as the sun is harsher on my phototsensitive eyes. Be aware that some of the newer sunscreens add perfume/scents to their lotion to make it more pleasant to put on, but the smell of some of those lotions can be a trigger for me, or even for those around me who can smell it.

And, above all, take some time to RELAX and just be. We live in a very high stress world, and it's nice to just check out and get a vacation from the hassles of everyday life, no matter how long or short. Treat yourself well, and your body will treat you well in return. 

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