Saturday, June 9, 2012

"Day Dream Believer" - (Day 9)

This is so awesomely ironic. The below was today's Non-Sequitur comic strip:

I didn't day dream in class, though. I payed strict attention to my teachers, even if they were boring. This was because I was the "perfect" student. I took notes, did my homework early, and turned everything in on time. I loved school. I went into a major funk when I was forced to withdraw during my junior year of high school because my migraines were getting so bad I was missing more school days than I was making. I went into a huge depressive funk, and school's still a sore spot for me, 7 years later. Yes, I got my GED, but I didn't get to walk. 

I can't go to college now because I'm still to unpredictable when it comes to my health and migraines getting in the way of my meeting deadlines. It really rubs me raw, so for my perfect day without a migraine, I think I would go to a full day of classes at the University. 

First would be some kind of class on music, maybe Music Appreciation 150, where I would finally learn to tell the Baroque from Classic from Romantic periods of music. I played the violin for 10 years, and never really did learn the difference. 

Next would be Constructive Writing, where we would be learning editing skill that I could later apply to my manuscript from 2009's NaNoWriMo novel. 

I'm not sure what would come next. Maybe I'd do some schoolwork or studying in the SUB before heading to the duck pond to read for my Comparative Religions class. 

And since I wouldn't have migraines holding me back, come evening I'd go to my PE class where we'd either be in the swimming pool doing laps, or else doing archery, a sport I really enjoyed before my migraines got bad.

Then I'd come home and just relax and do a bit of studying after having a yummy dinner or ramen noodles, something that I wouldn't be able to eat otherwise.

It may not be glamorous, but being able to be a student again, if only for a day, would be a (day) dream come true. 

After lunch, I'd 

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