Monday, January 30, 2012

Pets and Reality

One of the sillier things that I've done lately was to get a dog. Well, maybe that's a bit harsh, but it definitely wasn't one of my usual moves.

I grew up with a string of golden retrievers and loving mutts from  the pound f that we'd rescued. So dogs are nothing new to me. My sister begged for a dog of her own since I can remember until she finally got one and got to train it herself. I, however, never really showed much interest in getting a dog. Instead, I went the reptile route. 

First I had a bearded dragon I named l'ej (pronounced Ledge). However, l'ej proved a picky eater. He wouldn't eat any of the crickets that had a calcium supplement on them. As a result, l'ej didn't get enough calcium, and eventually petered out. I was devastated. Years  later, Mom bought me a ball python for my birthday, when I was in the middle of the terrible period where I slept away three years. 

Adam, the snake, was a boost in that I had something I had to take care of. Fortunately, Adam was also exceedingly low maintenance, once I figured out the ins and outs of snake ownership. I loved Adam, and would have him to this day, had it not been for how large he was growing, and thus demanding medium sized rats for food. I didn't mind Adam's size, but I did have a problem dealing with rats that were bigger than my hand. SO I said a reluctant farewell to him.

That was a couple years ago, and I was fine with it. Mom and I still have the dog my sister got to train, and eventually had to leave behind for college. However, I'm not sure, even now, how exactly it happened but last fall, Mom forwarded me an email about a dog who needed a new home; and I fell in love. The dog, Colette, was a lovely, loving dog, but she hated being left home alone while the owners were at work. 

Well, I pretty much am home all of the time, unless I'm out at doctor's appointment or something thrilling like that. I'm fine with being at home that much, I've been like this for... years and years now. So I knew that I would be able to be here for Colette. Colette is 9, so she didn't have a puppy's level of energy, which was a huge caveat. 

So I acquired a dog, and she is awesome. Colette is a total love, and an attention hog. She makes me "wake up" and remember that there's a world out there and that I have to interact with it. She demands scratches and makes me smile. When I'm in a marathon migraine spike, I've actually found her to be a calming presence. Her kisses can ground me and she's usually aware of when I need to be left alone. But, on the other hand, she seems to know when to push just a little. Like today, when I was sitting at my computer and she kept nudging me until I finally managed to walk her around the block.

That walk tired us both out (and increased my head pain) but it was a reminder that the real world exists. So now, Colette's leaving me be, and I'm desperately wishing I could nap. (Edit: I took a three hour nap after writing this..) Still, Colette helps me, and I consider her to be almost a companion dog, who helps me out. So I guess maybe it was just a silly thing I did, in getting a dog?


Quantum in me fuit,

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  1. Colette in such a gorgeous dog. I'm so glad she's such a loving companion for you. Thanks for sharing.


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