Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January Blog Carnival link, and other business

The January Blog Carinval was posted last week. Sorry for the delay in putting up the link, I've been fighting my migraines again. But please, go and read all the different blogs.

Today I have the first of three pre-Op appointments with my jaw surgeon. Today's a general check up on my jaw, as far as I can tell. They might do blood work, but but my understanding was that that would be done on the middle or final appointment before my surgery on Feb. 9.

There are several things that I would like to get straightened out with Dr. J, however. The chief concern of mine is not "Will it hurt?" (that's a secondary, yet still important concern) but rather, How can I take my pills, some of which I take 4 times in a day, if my jaw is either wired or banded shut?

If my jaw is just banded shut, then I would be able to remove the bands, take my meds, and then band my mouth shut again. But I, personally, can't see that my taking the bands off four times a day, especially at the beginning, would be good for the healing of my bones.

Thus I am going to take in a detailed med chart to the appointment, and, hopefully, will get an answer as to how this will work.

I will also be taking in my med chart, as I have on it not only my Daily meds, but also my PRN meds, and, also very importantly, all my counter-indicated medications. These include aspirin, ibuprofen, and acetaminophen. This is especially important as, when I got my wisdom teeth extracted last summer by Dr. J, he prescribed me a pain killer which contained acetaminophen.

Fortunately, I'm not allergic, it simply increases my migraine pain levels with rebound migraines, but still. Fortunately, my pharmacist knows about my rebounds, and wouldn't fill the script. Instead, she called Dr J's office and demanded a different painkiller be prescribed for me. One was, but I'd like to not have a repeat performance of something like that while I'm recovering from the jaw surgery.

I'm planning on taking some notes today during the appointment, and will post again later with some general, and slightly more specific information about the lead up, the procedure, and the recovery stages of this surgery.

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