Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Approaching Fall

My mom pointed out two things to me last night:

One was that last fall, starting in late September, was very hard for me, migraine wise. Of course, this was no real surprise as fall's always hard for me with the changing of the season. Well, then there was some medical drama in the family starting in October and lasting into November. I wasn't doing too hot for all of that because of the stress.

Then Winter came, and I was doing poorly. We just said, "[I] haven't gotten over Fall."
Then Spring came, and I was still not doing great. "She still hasn't gotten over Fall," was the general consensus.
Summer stunk. "Well, she's still in Fall."

Ok, but now it's approaching Fall again, and I'm still dealing with last year's Fall pain increase.

So the other thing Mom pointed out was that, while we are approaching another Fall, when I haven't gotten over the last one, that means that I can be all the more proud that I've survived a year of Fall. Anything I've accomplished basically counts for double gold stars, precisely because I've been in a perpetual state of fall.

So more power to me!

Quantum in me fuit,

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