Monday, January 10, 2011

January Blog Carnival

January's Blog Carnival is now up and ready for visitors.

My entry is here as previously posted. However, there are many other entries, each taking the prompt in a different way.

I encourage you to go and read some of the others' work!

Quantum in me fuit,


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"Taking Charge of Our Migraines in 2011"

I'm going to kind of come at this prompt in a different direction than one might expect. I'm not going to go after a cure this year, I'm not going to resolve to lower my pain levels, (although that would be awesome).  I'm going to take charge of my migraines in 2011 by doing two main things:

1. Make new friends and keep up with the ones I have. 
I lost a good friend last year because I didn't stay as active and involved in their life as they needed. Also, people are encouraging me to get out more, when I can, and see people, as it's mentally healthier to see more than just a couple people at the most.
 By making new friends, I'll be given opportunities to help and support, and get support from them. I'll also be able to slowly chisel away at my isolation that the migraines sent me into. By getting out more, I'll be breaking the cycle that the migraines set in place.

2. Promote My Secret, the book that I self published this time last year. 
I need to be getting the book to the people, especially the kids, who need it, and the reassurance I hope that it brings to them. By helping others find a sense of comfort, I gain a sense of comfort, because I know that despite all my limitations, I can make a positive difference. 
Also, as all the proceeds of the sales go to the Migraine Research Foundation, I will, by getting my book out into the market, I'll be bringing money to the Migraine Research Foundation so they can continue with their awesome work studying migraines. I've made headway by getting my offer of donating books to the Migraine Research Foundation accepted; and be mentioned on their For Our Children page. 
Gathering support for My Secret has also been making me new friends, or at least strengthening ties that are already there. Two of my semi-distant cousins have found me through/on Facebook, and have offered their knowledge and help in getting the story illustrated, organized, and printed, and by offering helpful suggestions for how to present My Secret, and myself to the public. In addition, acquaintances are also coming forward to offer what experience and expertise they have.
Both of these latter things are letting me jump-start my first goal, of making friends, and keeping up with old ones. 

So how does this all make me take charge of my migraines in the upcoming year? These two endeavors will put me in the driver's seat of my life, instead of my taking a backseat to the migraines leading me on a path to nowhere. I've tried that in past years, being passive, or beating my head against the brick wall (metaphorically) and it did nothing. So this year I'm going to take some simple steps towards making my life more meaningful.

Quantum in me fuit,