Monday, December 27, 2010

Help Me Reach Others

I'm donating 20 copies of My Secret, my children's book, to the Migraine Research Foundation for distribution. They'd like to help me spread it around more, but I need to figure out who my target audience and how to reach them first. The problem with doc offices, and the MRF, and places like that, are that, by the time the kids are there, their pain isn't a secret anymore and that kinda nullifies the purpose of the book, which is to get the conversation about the pain started.

I'm currently thinking promoting it in parenting magazines, as well as getting back on the horse for submitting to publishing companies. I'm trying to figure out how else/who else would want my book. Social workers? Pre-school teachers? I'm coming up empty.

Any suggestions (in the comments or to  would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Quantum in me fuit,



  1. Libraries? Most have a purchase request function if they don't have a book in stock, or else if you're feeling generous you could donate the book.

  2. Try pediatric clinics as well as youth centers and counseling centers.

  3. Gretchen,

    Brava! I'm going to put this blog entry in my weekly Migraine roundup, which will be included in the email newsletter I send tomorrow, posted to Facebook, and promoted other ways too.

    Good for you!


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